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About Us

Voted Best Bar in Warwickshire in 2018 - 2022

Step into Fizzy Moon Brewhouse & Grill, the ultimate destination for craft beer and gin enthusiasts in the heart of Leamington Spa. Since 2016, we've been pushing the boundaries of brewing and distilling with our meticulous, time-intensive process and only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Immerse yourself in our microbrewery and indulge in our extensive selection of over 165 gins. Come join us for a truly one-of-a-kind experience, where you can savor delicious drinks, indulge in mouth-watering cuisine, and make lasting memories with friends and loved ones. At Fizzy Moon, every moment is an opportunity to raise a glass and cheers to good times!



Welcome to Fizzy Moon brewing, where brewing is our passion and our crafted ales are our pride! At our bar, you'll find a rotating selection of 4 of our handcrafted, home-brewed ales that will tantalize your taste buds. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of brewing with our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques, guaranteeing you the freshest and most delicious ales in town. Come and experience the art of brewing like never before, at Fizzy Moon - where every sip is an adventure!

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